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Currency Detector PBD 10S

AUTHENTICITY currency notes
Power Consumption: 10 watts
Dimensions: 100 * 125 * 210 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg detection of dollars, euros, pounds, dirhams

Product Specification
Power 10 watt
Dimension 100*125*210 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Other Specification Banknote detection features: magnetic ink, paper size and diameter, infrared, image and value of banknotes magnetic properties of metal filings
Show the amount of each bill separately
View any number of separate bills
Read the show notes to the Segregation
Adjustable bills read out separately
Adjustable from the front or back of the device to test out the real bills
Rechargeable Battery
Ability to work during a power outage
Equipped with Standby mode for saving energy
Software updates for PC Connectivity
Ability to select different languages ​​for the user
Speed ​​of 0.7 seconds for a bill leaves

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